Home Theater Speakers

Speaker design is both an art and a science.  But the bottom line is you want them to deliver impressive sound effects and clear dialogue.  And, yes, they also need to fit in with your overall room decor. 

Depending on your needs, Soaring Audio provides speakers that will enhance any plan - on the wall, in the wall or floor standing.  New speaker technology using stronger magnets allows larger diameter speakers to be less deep.  Thus they can fit in most walls. On the wall installations they will protude a mere 4 inches.


The frame around the in wall and on wall speakers allows for the addition of LED lighting.  With remote control you can adjust the brightness and the color.


Our CNC machine allows you to order custom frames.  Or you can choose from our standard models.


Most dialogue is now sent through the center speaker. Very little, if any, of the sound effects come through the center channel.  This allows you to turn up the center channel to hear dialogue without also increasing the volume of the background sounds.  Soaring Audio center speakers have been optimized to provide detailing in the speech frequencies that makes hearing what people are saying much easier. This is especially true when used with the Soaring amplifiers.


Speaker efficiency determines how loud a given amplifier will play.  To get the maximum volume you not only need a good amplifier, but also efficient speakers.  Otherwise, some of the amplifier's power is used up by the speaker inefficiency without contributing to the volume of sound. Most speakers are rated in dB (loudness) at 1 watt of power and 1 meter away.  In considering dB, you must remember that dB are not linear.  (See "What do dB ratings mean" in Fanatics Only

Soaring speakers are some of the most efficient available.  They thus play louder at the same power level on the amplifier.


Sub-woofers provide the foundation of sound and are a crucial part of all immersive sound. For commercial installations, you need a minimum of a 15" diameter speaker and 18" is even better.  (If space is no consideration, Soaring Audio portable double 18's really rock.)  In-walls can use a double set of quad 8" speakers.

More than just being loud, the bass needs to have have resolution, speed and detail.  Nothing is more fatiguing than listening to loud bass that is muddy and slow and where every note sounds the same.  Soaring Audio subs make listening to the new Blu-rays a transcendental experience. 


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